The campfire concept is a simple one.


A safe place, light, warmth, connection, guidance, nourishment.


A Campfire is a hub for all of these things and can be created anywhere at any time. There is no special location, person, or prerequisite needed to create a campfire, all it takes is someone willing to light and tend it with welcoming in their heart.


It is what I needed from childhood into adulthood and what I searched for in so many guises and various places. I realised that I was not alone in this search and that I, through searching and learning, had an affinity for guiding and helping others through showing them the mirror of their own beauty and brilliance - no matter how flawed they felt themselves to be.

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The Campfire Aims

My aim with the campfire is to both lead, create a space for self acceptance and healing, and to be a light for anyone who may be called to be near. I provide guidance in all mediums and have learned through my own journey to meet people exactly where they are and to adapt to their needs by speaking their language and truly understanding their desires, joys, and pains.

We all require support, nourishment, peace, and understanding. We are all on our own journeys, have our own experiences, and come from different places, however at our core we are all human, all learning, all in this together. We all have the same needs. No matter where we have come from or what we are going through we need to be loved, held, seen, and supported.


There is no need to judge, fix, push or punish ourselves.

The campfire has been created as a concept of connection. It is space to care for others through understanding and patience.

I envision a concept that grows as more people choose peace over chasing, rest over pursuit. I see The Campfire becoming a symbol of safety as  more people join me in becoming Campfire Carers, Counsellors, Creators and hold that light around them. 

My name is Laura and I am so honoured to have you here.

To learn about my personal journey and what has led me here please click here.

X Laura