Laura is a Spiritual Counsellor, Shamanic practitioner and healer, Life Coach, and Intuitive. What does any of this mean? It really doesnt matter. What matters is what YOU need.


 Laura has the ability to understand where you are and to hold space for you to feel accepted, safe, and heard. She will speak your language, be that God, Spirit, Vibes, Love, Practicality. She deals with Relationships, Career Concepts, Spiritual and Practical Balance, Emotions, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Past trauma, Existinential or Mid life crisis, Lostness,  Lonliness, Hopelessness, Confusion...

Some of you may have just begun searching for something beyond yourself or for answers to questions you didnt know you were asking. Others may have been on this journey a long time and still find themselves in pursuit of a nameless elusive.

Whatever your story, Laura will lead you until you are ready to lead yourself. 

My Story

My name is Laura and I'm delighted to have you here.

My story began at a very young age when I was faced with the prospect of Dinosaurs. I had grown up in a very protestant church of ireland setting without much question. I wanted to be a good girl. I wanted to please God. I wanted to be seen to be 'good'. But how do you marry evolution with Adam and Eve at that age? I had already experienced the oddness of existing, of self awarness, of realising I was seperate from my mind and body at the age of 3 or 4. The world was confusing and I just wanted answers and to be told what was 'right' so I could follow that and continue to be a 'good girl'.

As I grew up, I didnt fit in without huge effort. I felt uncomfortable despite everyone calling me intelligent, bright, talented. I wanted to be seen and yet I wanted to hide. I see now as I look back that as a child I had crippling anxiety that I simply learned to deal with. I was very good at hiding, adapting, and showing people what they wanted to see.

My sensitivity and struggle led me to a very severe eating disorder. It began with overeating until I found a way to manage my weight... Enter Bulimia. Bulimia became anorexia and as my health deteriorated one of my teachers stepped in with a new approach to the counsellors, doctors, and professionals I had been seeing. They had studied Shamanism and thought that that language might suit me. My God did it ever.

Finally I felt I had a connection to something other than my lostness. I felt seen, led, heard, important. I felt the magic I had always connected with God as a child but it was all around me and inside me. I began to eat again immediately and recovered in strength.

This would be a great place to end that story and say I triumphed then and there and spread my wings... However the introduction to this new magic had a limited grace and the deep rooted issues and fears that had introduced the disorders, the anxiety, and the lostness remained. I struggled with depression and wanting to end it all. I couldnt get out of bed, study, see friends, shower... I had no ability to function. The gulf between God and Human was too much. I was too perfect yet could not reach that place due to the pain I was desperately trying to avoid. The pain of existing.

As I batted on and off for years I would use spirituality as a crutch, an identity, an escape, never really able to ground it into the present in a meaningful way. There were two Lauras. One free, beautiful, wild, feminine, open and loving, and one dark, hurt, angry, small, scared, closed off and apathetic to life. Light and Shadow fighting a battle that consumed me.

I learned to live with it... whilst using an eating disorder to escape it to a level that resulted in a heart attack and numerous hospital stays. I sought psychiatric care, learned CBD, art therapy, nutrition... All very helpful. However if you dont want to recover or live for yourself... you simply wont. If the true love for self is missing then all else will eventually fail you.

So I changed my tactic. I stopped fighting. I accepted my grief and self hate and the moment I did, I loved myself. I wanted to want to live. And slowly, step by step, I changed by narrative.

I had already learned to read tarot, I was natural at Shamanic practices and interpretation of symbols... So I learned to further my skills in mediumship and shamanic healing. I took courses, became a drama teacher, travelled, all the while this recovery never ended. It was constant and sometimes still is.

I went deep into new age spirituality and versed myself in every language and practice I could. I practiced the law of attraction, became a master manifestor, grew physically and mentally fit... and still realised that I had no conquered what set me on the search in the beginning.


 Finally, after 15 or so years... I have returned to God. I simply use that word because God is greater than myself. No matter how powerful, bright, confident, abundant I become, I surrender to a love greater than myself.


I have found peace with my place in the world and have made it a practice to stop rejecting myself. I take responsibility and choose love. I want to share my gifts, the gifts I have learned through searching, with all and any who are on their own journey and to meet them wherever they are.

That is my story. It is abridged and lacking many details but it is still my story.

Thank you for reading.